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Tohid Golmakan Elderly care facility is a non-profit organization established in 1381, in Golmakan Mashad. In the province of Khorasan Razavi, there are only 5 elderly care facilities, providing various services depending on the needs to the elderly in Khorasan Razavi, Mashad.

Tohid Golmakan is the only organization that is ran partially by welfare funds, the rest of the facilities currently running in Mashad are privately ran organizations.

The center has acquired permits allowing it to have a capacity of 50 in need elderly patients. Currently there are 45 male residences living in the center, of whom 37 are unidentified, homeless without any family members to take care of, Or any Sources of income.

Tohid center has operation cost of 3/750/000 rials per patient on monthly basis; Welfare subsidies only covers 40 patient residence currently, this is equivalent to 1/850/000 Rls to the Centre per person and the remaining fees must be covered by each patient's family, but unfortunately majority of the elderly patients are without anyone to support them, which leave a significant deficit in the budget of the center on the monthly basis.


Although the management and the executives have thrived to improve the life style of its residences, but the challenges have been there for many years.

Es. The leased property is being challenged by termination, making the center even more in need of public help.

Our Seniors are in need of financial & emotional support DESPERATELY, our staffs positive & optimistic attitude has increased non cash donations of food & other needed supplies although that doesn`t end the problem but we are hopeful that our local and foreign friends will be kind enough to help us; Our doors are open to public visitation & we welcome donors at all times at the center.

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Tohid center is one of the five charity organization in Khorasan Razavi province in northeastern of Iran, which take cares of 50 unidentified elderly males round-the-clock since 2002. The Welfare Organization of Iran pays only 30% of the expenses and the remainder is compensated by the chartable people. Unfortunately, due to distance of the center to Mashhad, we are unable to attract more donors to the center at this time.


The building currently is owned by dept. of education "A government entity" at this time; unfortunately is been pushing to acquire the property back for their own usage since 2010.  The evacuated precept is taken and this percept will be received during the upcoming days. We request you to tour this center and support us such as your other benevolently donations. We would appreciate if you could help us with paying the expenses to bye and build a new facility.

Tell: +98-51-3835-5087
Fax: +98-51-3835-6082


Famous persian poem : let's nourish the world with flowers of good deeds, by doing that we ll revolutionize eternity & change destinies"

Once Again, in the name of God ((of the writing)) ... that same God that thought humanity kindness & sharing, here we are desperately in need of your donation to treasure the life of those who are forgotten fathers.

Fathers who once thought kindness to their next generations and deserve to be treated by gentle loving care as they go through last days of their lives.

As you travel thru streets of this holly city and as you get closer the shrine, which is the reminder of spreading kindness & good energy. When you go thru the roads leading to Mashhad ul Reza, your eyes will come to see the beautiful city of Golmakan Iran, This northeastern city is an untouched & beautiful province of Khorasan Razavi. The city is geographically located in the northwest of Mashhad with its priceless scenery of nature in its pure version offers a variety of organic fruits & vegetables for those who seek serenity to get away from civilization. Everyone with their open hearts is ready to accept & welcome you into their lonely lives.

Tohid Golmakan elderly care center provides a loving home to forgotten fathers.


With a great goal to make a difference in forgotten lives of many this center became to existence on February 1381. Its 26 dedicated employees are proud to take care of 37 elderly men with unknown identities of whom would have no chance to continue on their own. It is noteworthy to mention that this center is one of the four centers and the only center ran by welfare in the province of Khorasan Razavi.

Centers building is leased, and the road leading to the. Center is gravel currently, I our boards of trustees have negotiated with the local municipality to make it a safer access by converting the access roads to asphalt in a near future.

Currently only 30% of the operating costs are covered by social welfare and to cover the rest of the costs we are counting on our public supporters and donations. Fortunately, due to the extensive advertisements during last period donations have increased to cover some of the food items needed as non-cash donations.

Our loving senior fathers look forward to hear our donors footsteps as it is the loveliest music of hope played in their ears. Most of these loving fathers are never visited by any relatives or loved ones. Gradually not receiving any love and compassion deteriorates their condition. It is absolutely heartwarming to witness their happiness as visitors walk in to give them the attention they deserve.

Variety of activities offered in the center is carefully designed to ensure our seniors mental & physical health.